DC Rewards
Welcome to our Danger Close Rewards! We want to reward loyal customers, so we've made it extremely easy for you.

If you look at the bottom-right of any page on the site, you will see a tab labeled "DC Rewards." Click that tab, and you will have access to all the ways you can earn rewards points (Rounds on Target)

What are points worth?
500 Rounds on Target - $5 discount
900 Rounds on Target - $10 discount
2200 Rounds on Target - $25 discount
4000 Rounds on Target - $50 discount
You can also cash your Rounds on Target in for gift cards for a friend or family.

How to Earn Rounds on Target
Sign up (200) - If you simply create an account using your email or Facebook login, you will immediately have these.

Make a purchase (5 for every dollar spent) - purchase an item, and you will get 5 Rounds on Target for every $1 that item costs at checkout.

Refer a friend (200) - This one's huge! Click this option to get your unique referral link. Copy this link and paste it into email, Facebook posts, twitter, etc. For every friend that uses your link and signs up, you will get 200 Rounds on Target.

Like our Facebook page (50) - Simply click the like button and log into Facebook, if not already.

Share a post on Facebook about us (50) - Simply click the share button, and while you're here, why not paste that unique referral link to boost your points!