Danger Close Apparel began with creating a few funny shirts for the special operations community and friends.  This idea has now evolved into a small Veteran-owned business, selling shirts, mugs, flags, and more.


Danger Close Apparel will always maintain high standards of quality for our products, and we will strive to bring you creative and original designs that you will love and be proud to wear.

About the owner:

Chris served his time in the Air Force Special Operations Command flying multiple aircraft to include the AC-130 Gunship.  He has deployed multiple times to places in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.  

After about 10 years of Active Duty service, Chris continues to serve in the OK ANG.  Although he loves the impacts he made on the battlefield, he also wants to make a difference in the business community.

Chris' recent return from a deployment. "No better feeling!" - Chris